Obtaining other information about the Fund

Maritime Super can provide you with any information you reasonably require to understand the financial condition or management of the Fund.

You can access any of the following documents on our website at www.maritimesuper.com.au or request a copy by calling Member Services on 1800 757 607:

  • the Fund’s Trust Deed
  • audited accounts and the auditor’s report (an abridged version of the audited annual accounts appears in the Annual Report)
  • the insurance policy which applies to Fund members
  • the latest Actuarial reports and any subsequent written advice by the actuary which is relevant to the overall condition of the Fund or the entitlements of members;
  • Maritime Super’s Privacy Policy.

You should only rely on information about the Fund from those authorised to give it. Maritime Financial Services Pty Limited’s staff and financial planners are authorised to provide information about the Fund and your membership. You should not rely on information provided by anyone else as they may not be appropriately authorised, qualified or up to date on Fund rules and procedures.