Investment Options

If you have an accumulation or pension account in Maritime Super, you can choose how your account is invested by selecting from our investment options.


We recognise that everyone has different investment objectives that can change throughout their lifetime. Our Investment options let you make a choice based on your investment timeframe, return expectations and the level of risk you are comfortable with.


Each of the Fund’s diversified investment options have an investment strategy that determines the mix of ‘growth’ and ‘defensive’ assets and, more specifically, the asset classes (e.g. shares, property, fixed income, alternatives, private equity, cash enhanced and cash) in which they are invested. Each of the Fund’s sector options invest in a single asset class.


The Fixed Term Investment provides a predetermined rate of return on investments held for a 12-month term. Investment choice does not apply to defined benefits or fixed term pensions.


Investment objectives, strategies and risk and return profiles


The investment objective, strategy and risk and return profile for each of the investment options including the Fixed Term Investment option as at 30 June 2019 are available by clicking on each of the investment option links on the left.


For information on the Standard Risk Measure, use of derivatives and reserving policy refer to Other investment information.