Investment Option – International Shares

This option invests 100% in growth assets


Investment objective (after fees and taxes over rolling 10-year periods)

To outperform the annual rate of inflation (CPI) by around 3.5% pa and the MSCI World (ex Australia) benchmark* (net of tax and fees)
* MSCI World Ex Australia Index – a benchmark of the top 1500 companies listed in stock exchanges all over the world (excluding Australia).



Most suitable for members whose most important consideration is high returns and who are willing to accept a high risk of a negative return in any one year


Minimum suggested investment timeframe

Normally seven years or more


Standard Risk Measure

Risk Band: 6
Risk Label: High


Risk versus return

This option has complete emphasis on growth assets with a view to achieving higher returns and therefore carries more investment risk. The value may vary significantly up or down over the short term. However, high investment returns are generally expected over longer periods. A negative annual return is anticipated on average 4-6 times every 20 years but negative returns may be more or less frequent.


Target Asset Allocation