Investment advisers and managers

The Trustee has appointed JANA Investment Advisers as its principal investment adviser to provide expert advice to the Trustee and management in relation to the Fund’s investments. The Trustee also appoints specialist investment consultants as needed. In particular, Quentin Ayers is contracted to provide advice in relation to particular private market investments.

The Trustee engages external investment managers with expertise in particular asset classes and across a broad range of investment styles to manage the investment of your super. The Fund’s investment managers are monitored by the Trustee and Investment Committee throughout the year based on reporting by JANA Investment Advisers and the Custodian. Investment managers may be added or replaced throughout the year and a listing of our current investment managers can be provided to you on request.

The investment managers managing Maritime Super’s assets at 30 June 2020 by asset class and funds under management (FUM) were:


Investments held with the following investment manager exceeded 5% of the Fund’s assets at 30 June 2020:
T Rowe Price, Henderson Global Investors


The Trustee has appointed National Australia Bank Limited as its master custodian to hold the Fund’s assets.