Investment Option – Indexed diversified

This option is not actively managed.


This option is indexed* and targets to invest approximately 75% in growth assets and 25% in defensive assets.


Investment objective (after fees and taxes over rolling 10-year periods)

To closely match the weighted return of the market indices for each asset class (net of tax and fees).



Most suitable for members who are willing to accept a high risk of a negative return in any one year.


Minimum suggested investment timeframe

Normally five years or more


Standard Risk Measure

Risk Band: 6
Risk Label: High


Risk versus return

This option has a significant emphasis on growth assets with the aim of achieving higher returns, together with some lower-risk defensive assets to reduce the short-term risks associated with growth assets. The value may vary significantly up or down over the short term. A negative annual return is anticipated on average 4-6 times every 20 years but negative returns may be more or less frequent.


Target Asset Allocation

* An indexed option is not actively managed; investments match the relevant market index of the asset classes it invests in.